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Studio Pottery

I work in stoneware and sometimes porcelain, firing to 2380 degrees f.  Pots are wheel-thrown and  usually table - related in size and function. Working on the wheel is central, and, as the cliche goes,  it is "centering".

Classic high fire glazes like tenmoku, celedon, copper red,  and magnesia mattes still hold interest, though the basic recipes developed in the fifties and sixties (by potters whose names are still marked on my glaze buckets) have been tweaked and re-tweaked. Layering glazes and and adding ingredients like a high iron clay found as the Silver Lake (Los Angeles) Reservoir was emptied, adds depth to the glazes and makes for endless possibilities.

November "22 Firing:
stoneware jar
slip decorated stoneware jar
fig leaf covered jar
covered jars
jar with fig leaf design
covered jar
stoneware bowl

2016 Firing:

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