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Handcrafted Tile

Tiles are slab cut or extruded from a mixed stoneware /porcelain clay fired to 2380 degrees f. The resulting tiles are hard and durable, suitable for most architectural applications - walls, floors, kitchen backsplash and counters, shower and tub surrounds, and outdoor walls in temperate climates.

High temperature glazes favored by studio potters for their richness and complex character on bowls and vases are a natural fit for tile that can bring that richness to living areas.

 Shino and oribe glaze colors, derived from 16th century Japanese glazes, are a good fit for this craftsman style home.

2"x 8" tiles in a blend of various shino glazes are offset by 4" x 4" tiles in an oribe blend

Shino is a crazing or crackle glaze - usually not ideal for a backsplash. These tile are given an additional firing after rubbing an iron glaze into the crackle, sealing the tile while preserving the crackle pattern.

Colorful contrasts for an art deco/early modern style home.

Rich iron red tiles make a dramatic fireplace threshold.

Hand cut rustic tiles for a Monterrey style Spanish home.

Decorative tiles copied from 1915 tiles on this Spanish style home's fireplace

All field tile is 3/8" thick. Trim pieces vary -  A crown molding is about 1.75", rope trim about 1".

Field tile runs $80 to $95 a square foot.  Trim pieces are $32 a running foot.

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